For Hot Corrosive Fume and Drain Handling Systems

CPVC DuctGF Harvel CPVC Duct has exceptional fire resistance, excellent resistance to corrosion, high heat distortion temperature and good mechanical strength. This unique balance of physical properties, combined with the product’s inherent light weight and ease of fabrication is now available in large diameters. GF Harvel CPVC Duct provides a long-lasting, cost-effective solution to many industrial applications involving hot corrosive fume and drain service. It can safely carry a maximum service temperature of 200ªF.

Product Benefits

  • safely withstands temperatures up to 200°F, maintaining system integrity in aggressive environments
  • offers low flame and smoke generation characteristics
  • resists chemical and corrosive attack, preventing expensive maintenance, replacement and downtime
  • provides consistent uniformity and reduced fabrication time with seamless extruded IPS sizes from 6" thru 24", eliminating the need to fabricate large-diameter duct from sheet.
  • reduces labor and keeps installation costs down – lightweight, easily solvent-cemented or welded