Handling and Storage of CPVC Duct Piping

Reasonable care and common sense should be used when handling and storing GF Harvel CPVC Duct piping. Although GF Harvel Duct is tough and corrosion resistant, it should not be dropped nor have objects dropped on it. Care should be used when transporting and storing duct to prevent physical distortion. The duct should not be stored close to heat-producing sources, subjected to external loads (i.e., heavy objects, overstrapping etc.) or overstacked when stored. When stored outdoors, GF Harvel CPVC Duct must be covered with a non-transparent material to reduce the risk of heat absorption and discoloration. The product should be inspected for any scratches, splits or gouges that may have occurred from improper handling; if found, these sections must be cut out and discarded.